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Flawed Thinking In The Black Community On GHOGH Podcast

Jamarlin Martin

Jamarlin MartinJamarlin Martin discusses R. Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse on this episode of the GHOGH podcast. Photograph: Anita Sanikop

In episode 42 of the GHOGH podcast, Jamarlin Martin goes solo and talks about flawed considering inside our group.

He covers R. Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse, Particular Counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI, help for the late Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha and Sudan within the ’90s.

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Take heed to GHOGH with Jamarlin Martin | Episode 42: Jamarlin Martin 
Jamarlin goes solo and talks about flawed considering inside our group. He covers R. Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse, Particular Counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI, help for the late Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha and Sudan within the ’90s.

This can be a full transcript of the dialog which has been flippantly edited for readability.

Jamarlin Martin: You’re listening to GHOGH with Jamarlin Martin. We’ve a go exhausting or go residence strategy as we speak to the main tech leaders, politicians and influencers. Let’s GHOGH!

Okay, so R. Kelly has been within the information. Lifetime put out a documentary and naturally there’s a number of allegations in that documentary. I’ve not watched the doc. I ended listening to R. Kelly. I’m not fascinated about R. Kelly. The sample that I noticed through the years, I feel what I stated on Twitter was, you didn’t want a Lifetime doc to cease listening to R. Kelly. Your spirit ought to have informed you that he’s a demonic agent. He’s extra harmful for Black America, as a result of he has combined faith, gospel together with his present. He’s gifted, however he has combined faith and the Lord with intercourse.

When you consider what makes R. Kelly unique, nicely, in his thoughts he has this perversion and he has God, and it has actually combined up the individuals. And so it was fascinating watching a number of the commentary, primarily from brothers. Some brothers are like, hey, this can be a racist agenda, Lifetime, why are they singling R. Kelly out? Why don’t they speak about Elvis Presley?

They need to inject racism to the R. Kelly dialogue. Okay. The issue with that’s, let me body it this manner. Once you inject racism into the group protesting R. Kelly when it comes to his sexual abuse on younger women, whenever you inject racism into that dialogue, I might examine it to a cop who arrests a pedophile in Harlem or Watts or the south aspect of Chicago. There’s a pedophile operating round and he has terrorized 100 Black women within the hood. Now the cop takes the pedophile in, and so there’s one aspect of the Black group that desires to give attention to, hey, is the cop racist? That’s one aspect. The opposite aspect of the group doesn’t care if the cop is racist. They’re targeted on getting this sexual predator out of the group. That’s the one factor that issues. That’s the one factor that issues. When it comes to the large image of issues. Race doesn’t need to be the motivating difficulty or lens on every part.

I feel a few of us turn into so drunk on white supremacy and white people you could’t soberly consider information and knowledge and use widespread sense, which means that you simply’re so drugged up and drunk on white supremacy and racism, a few of the stuff in your group and on the surface, you possibly can’t see straight. So on some degree you say, individuals who have been traumatized and oppressed and discriminated towards, we will’t see issues clearly. Perhaps the individuals are to not blame for that. Nevertheless, you must need to attempt to see details and knowledge clearly, sanely, soberly, that speaking about racism with R. Kelly, even slightly bit on this state of affairs, to me is sick. You need to be targeted on all these women that he preyed on, and the fear that he injected into the group. This isn’t somebody who made a mistake or did one thing when he was youthful. This can be a one that has dedicated himself in life to terrorizing Black ladies, Black women.

I might body this as a few of our individuals drugged up and so drunk on white supremacy and racism, and naturally this ought to be a precedence in our group, however it is advisable assume clearly. You want to have the ability to consider a state of affairs with out injecting white people. We would like the predators out of the group, no matter whether or not they’re catching their predators of their group. It doesn’t matter. We would like the predators out the group. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if he’s letting his predators go. We’re not defending and protesting for predators. That’s not what we’re making an attempt to do right here.

Equally, when it comes to this flawed considering and drunkenness locally, Jazmine Barnes, was gunned down in a automotive in Texas. The younger woman was murdered. Her mother survived. And the group acquired actually riled up as a result of the preliminary reviews stated that the gunman was white. And so that you had a few of our individuals banging towards one another saying, hey, why aren’t you speaking about Jazmine Barnes? Why aren’t you speaking about this white killer who killed Jazmine Barnes? So everybody’s speaking about Jazmine Barnes and everybody’s actually indignant like, hey, you killed Jazmine Barnes, white people, let’s go after them. Why does this hold occurring? And the information come out. And Jazmine Barnes was killed by a Black man. The Black man is murdering individuals day by day throughout America, no matter what white people are doing.

The underside line is we’re murdering one another. That’s the information. 9 out of 10 occasions we’re murdering one another. Many people don’t have a information of self, and we’re sick and we’re killing one another. And so the protests shouldn’t cease or the caring and the love that you simply present for Jazmine Barnes and the lack of that life, it shouldn’t flip so fast, whether or not it’s a white man killing her or whether or not it’s our personal killing once more, the motions shouldn’t flip so quick the place everybody stops speaking concerning the lack of that life as a result of it was somebody who appeared such as you or somebody out of your group who took that life. And so that is flawed considering in our group.

We obtained to like one another. We acquired to embrace the worth of our lives. In each single case in line with its affiliation with white supremacy and white people independently, there’s sure issues that have to matter independently of how white people function. Some individuals might say, hey, you’re making an attempt to get white people off the hook. No, you’ll be able to bang towards white supremacy, you’ll be able to go after white supremacists. You’ll be able to criticize white supremacists, however on the similar time, you set a lot power on white people and white supremacy that there’s nothing left within the tank in your personal family, in your personal group, to carry your personal group up, to guard your group, to care about your group, to like your group. All that power you’re pushing on banging towards white people, some individuals, they don’t have something left within the tank when it comes to caring about us murdering one another.

So one other factor I needed to speak about with flawed considering is Donald Trump and Mueller. So there’s considering in our group that Black individuals shouldn’t be preserving for the FBI and the feds to take down the Trump household, due to what J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI have completed spying on us, booby-trapping our political actions, due to what they’ve executed and what they proceed to do. Some individuals consider that it might be flawed to need to see the feds administer justice to the Donald Trump mafia group. The corrupt Donald Trump mafia white supremacist group.

And once more, this flawed considering is you look at every little thing based mostly on this type of lens the place I can’t take a look at this example the place there’s a corrupt group, a corrupt white supremacist group. These individuals have discriminated towards our individuals. These individuals are spiking the white supremacist attitudes towards our Brown brothers and sisters, towards Muslims. This group is a white supremacist group. The Trump group, the Trump household. Not solely that, it’s one of many purest manifestations of white privilege. Primarily, you’re born into wealth, you get by with corruption, crime, individuals offer you a move, partially since you’re white, you’ve been born with cash, they’re going to look the opposite method.

And so for this clear instance of the corrupt white supremacist institution in america, this image within the White Home, one, I feel it’s a very good factor. A few of the points that we’ve been speaking about for many years, it’s manifested within the MAGA and the Trump motion for the world to see. We’ve been saying these things, however right here, take a look at all these individuals voting and supporting this man. We’ve been saying that America is extra racist than you assume. Much more racist than you assume. So there’s a considering locally the place, I don’t need to speak about Trump or MAGA as a result of the FBI and the feds are going after him. The considering is as a result of we have been abused by the FBI and within the relationship with Africa, the CIA, you don’t need to see these departments administer justice to Donald Trump. And what I’ll say about that’s some people believing that eager to see justice being administered to Donald Trump and the corrupt white supremacist MAGA empire, eager to see justice administered prefer it’s administered to us, that isn’t a Negro place.

Hopefully you’re banging for freedom, justice and equality. I’m gonna say it once more. Hopefully you’re banging for freedom, justice and equality. When you’re for freedom, justice and equality, to see justice being administered to Donald Trump for the many years of corruption, the many years of criminality, for you eager to see justice administered to him and anyone, that might be in step with eager to see freedom and justice utilized appropriately utilized. This considering that we should always, due to what the FBI and what the CIA has accomplished in Africa, we must be on the aspect of Donald Trump. And there’s lots of people in our group the place you have got grow to be educated to go on the legal’s aspect. Primarily when the police or the feds or the CIA has lined up a towards a felony, there’s been a lot abuse, you’ll have developed a gravitation to defend the criminals. And so this isn’t as a state of affairs the place, I don’t assume anyone can declare that you simply consider in freedom and justice and equality, and also you’re supporting Donald Trump otherwise you don’t need to see the feds take out Donald Trump.

So inside this line of this flawed considering, it brings again reminiscences to 1997. In 1997 on the Nation of Islam’s Savior’s Day, Sani Abacha, the dictator in Nigeria, he spoke to Black people in Chicago by way of satellite tv for pc, the dictator in Nigeria, Abacha. And so you can in all probability see movies on YouTube or someplace on-line, however primarily a whole lot of Black people have been cheering Abacha at this occasion, and the considering is the USA authorities doesn’t like Abacha, doesn’t just like the dictator in Nigeria. So if the USA doesn’t like that dictator in Nigeria, that dictator have to be good. That’s the simplistic considering of a variety of people.

Nevertheless, I’ve plenty of Nigerian buddies. I do know people who find themselves very near the political institution in Nigeria. And so the underside line is Abacha stole over $four billion from the individuals in Nigeria. It was a theft. We’ve had leaders and preachers stealing in our group, and there’s nobody that you understand of, that has stolen extra money from our individuals than Abacha in Nigeria.

I don’t have to get info from white people. That’s not me listening to the mainstream media. I can speak to Nigerians on the bottom. I can speak to the political institution immediately. Abacha stole over $four billion from the individuals. And I don’t care. I do know some individuals might be like, “Oh, white people stole cash too. So we have to help Abacha.” No, no, no. This insanity must cease. It’s improper to steal cash, for any chief to steal the individuals’s cash, notably $four billion dollars, placing the individuals in danger, bankrupting the individuals. And so you have got this flawed considering in our group. You could be towards white supremacy, however that doesn’t imply that you simply’re for whoever they’re towards. So the group is getting up and applauding Sani Abacha, this man who stole the Nigerian individuals’s cash, did you even know that?

Once more, this flawed considering. Across the similar time you had instances popping out within the media concerning the Muslims within the Sudan enslaving the Christians there. So that you had some individuals in our group who stated, that is all propaganda, that the federal government doesn’t just like the Muslim leaders within the Sudan, and this was all propaganda. The details are on the market that the Muslims within the Sudan have been enslaving and oppressing and raping the Black Christians there. And so, on this day and hour, you need to be sober that outdoors of faith and beliefs and all these things, we have to assume clearly that as a result of the African is Muslim, that doesn’t imply that they’re doing the best factor.

That doesn’t imply they’re doing the suitable factor. We all know that Arabs have been a few of the supreme slave masters of Africans. That is no disrespect to the Muslim brothers and sisters on the market, however that is simply details. The extra goal Black individuals are, the extra we get out of our spookiness and ideologies, and we’re in a position to take a look at details clearly and objectively, the higher off the individuals. The extra spooky we’re, the individuals are going to proceed to be manipulated, exploited, and abused, and we’re not going to go far. We have now to assume clearly and objectively. I don’t care what faith you’re, whenever you’re oppressing and enslaving African individuals, we’ve acquired an issue. I don’t care in case you’re Muslim, I don’t care in case you’re Christian and I don’t care in case you’re Afrocentric, enslaving our individuals is mistaken and it doesn’t matter who’s doing it.

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